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Warframe Harrow is a unique Character is all Warframe. Due to their powerful weapons I personally recommend to use these Warframe. In this article, I tell you how to play harrow Warframe.

Warframe Harrow, in my opinion, it is one of the better design friends we’ve been Warframe. I have a lot of fun playing Harrow. Because he’s like the perfect frame for long endurance runs like defense and survival missions.

Warframe Tier List 

At level 30 Warframe Harrow has 300 health 450 shields 150 armor 150 energy a 1.0 sprint speed and a dash polarity hits me in morning section and finally a dash in his aura.warframe harrow


: After completing the war of conquest upon completing this quest the player will be rewarded with the hero blueprint.

Drop ChanceExpectedGuaranteed
Chassis Blueprint3.00% 33 – 34 kills 227 ± 76 kills
Neuroptics Blueprint11.28% 8 – 9 C Rotations 58 ± 19 C Rotations
Systems Blueprint2.01% (Rotation B)
10 – 11 C Rotations 69 ± 23 C Rotations


How to get Warframe Harrow


You can get Warframe Harrows your optics from the new toggle on the cube of the fortress. This is a spy mission so try to get all free data vaults you can get his chances by killing corrupted void.


Warframe Latest Update 


Fisher enemies which are fine in any void Fisher mission and you can get the systems by plane defection missions that are located on Saturn and stay in until rotation see.



you’re gonna need a total of 70 percent credits 25 isn’t fair twenty-five point salvage twenty-four is an ally play. The Warframe chains of harrow have many features includes Red Veil, revolving around the mysteries behind an abandoned Steel Meridian ship, and the horrors that lie within.



It’s 4000 polar bundle two thousand five hundred circuits two thousand plus two foes in Cuba one flies at five hundred Rubio one pleasant biotic eight hundred axioms fifteen control modules five work in cells and finally five neural sensors.

Mastery Rank0
Health100 (300 at rank 30)
Shield150 (450 at rank 30)
Energy100 (150 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed1.0
PolaritiesNaramon PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol
Exilus PolarityNone
Aura PolarityMadurai Pol
Introduced Update 16.11



Warframe Harrow Abilities:

There are following harrow Warframe abilities




  • This ability will calls Warframe Harrow to swing a verbal forward to cast a spectral after the image of teens along the ground for 20 meters.
  • Any enemies call within the teens will be held still for a total of six seconds. Every enemy that each year will grant 150 shields that can stack interviews over shields.
  • The amount of shields that you can get back is affected by higher strength mods that we have distance and size of the wave is affected by pyro range mods and then how long can we stay chained up for is affected by bypass duration.




  • This ability will make Warframe Harrow sacrifice all of the shields and over shields to gain a 45 percent firing and 70 percent reload speed bonus.
  • While this ability is active 5 percent of any damage dealt by harrow will be converted into health for Harrow. The ability has a base duration of 4 seconds plus an extra one point to 5 duration for every one hundred over shields.






This ability will cause Warframe harrow to become immune to all incoming damage for a total of six seconds while Warframe Harrow farm is immune.


Warframe Harrow will absorb all incoming damage this damage will then be converted into an additive critical chance bonus. That will cap at 50 percent extra crit Jones wants to absorb 2 percent damage or more that will last for 12 seconds.


Warframe Harrow Build

let’s just get into it intensify pyro drift and transient fortitude for prior strength to buff up the effects of all of our abilities who are second or third and our fourth. This is the best and easiest way to build harrow.

We’re gonna get bonuses to those abilities because we have these free mods on Constitution prank continuity and then kind of lasting covenant to up the duration of all of our abilities.

Because if you guys remember constitution prime continuity. They will affect your one to free on your force what affects all the abilities.

And in lasting covenant brought on here so we can extend the duration of our crit chance.

But bonus when we’re getting headshots because if we’re getting like a higher crit chance bonus or like you know crit chance and general you gonna be shot in the head to get that eight times damage multiplier.

Once you will build Warframe harrow its have included many features




Warframe Harrow Weapons.


warfarme harrow

  • There are following Warframe harrow weapons which are personally used in warframe harrow.
    : Harrow will boost your critical so you won’t have any problem dealing red crits to the enemies all in all.
  •  I really suggest that you try out this build since Warframe Harrow is at his best when landing headshots. The aka plasma is a perfect match for this awesome Warframe.
  • The only thing that you should always remember is that aka plasma is a shotgun. And the most shotgun is low range and has fall off damage.



Aka Plasma

I always love using the aka plasma with Warframe Harrow as its synergies really well with this Warframe.

The thing is the plasma has a good projectile shot size which enables you to land thoseheadshotss with ease.

warfarme harrow
Essential to both boosting your damage and as well as restoring energy. After using several guns in this game. I really find aka plasma are amazing for Warframe Harrow as I am confident almost every time.

That I’ll be landing those headshots.




This swift synergy really well with his ability because of its awesome range and damage. It gives you the heal you need from your penance. As well as in Warframe Harrow the energy you need from the author of all.
With this weapon equip I can take Warframe Harrow in any long survival missions. Also, have fun killing those enemies with my red crits. Best way to Trade in this game is Warframe Trading.

warframe harrow