Warframe Ivara | How To Build And Farm Ivara

Warframe Ivara is a thief and huntress character. He can save your self with their abilities. Mostly, people use Ivara because of this design.

The crafty Devourer infiltrates the hostile territory with deception and diversion and eliminates threats with a shot from beyond.

Releasing date of Warframe Ivara is December 3rd, 2015.

Warframe Ivara abilities allow her to control the battlefield these are high amounts of damage very quickly and stay in style for extended periods of time which negates her squishy-ness.

In this article, I also tell you Ivara Warframe drop location. Moreover, some people do not know where Ivara Warframe Drop.

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Manufacturing Requirements


75 hrs





12 hrs



warframe Ivara

Warframe Ivara build

So first things first to build our eye you will first have to farm spy missions for her part so Tier.

  • 1 spy missions which are level 1 to 15 will reward you with her systems Tier.
  • 2 spy missions which are level 16 to 25 will reward you with her chassis and Tier.
  • 3 spy missions which are Level 26 and above will reward you with her helmet and her blueprint.

Now if Warframe Ivara is very squishy she only has 75 health which goes up to two hundred and twenty-five at rank thirty. One hundred shields which go up to 300 at rank 30 only 65 armor and one hundred and seventy-five power which goes up to two hundred and sixty-two point five at rank 30.

She also has a sprint speed of one point Twenty-five which is above average and she has three polarities

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Mastery Rank0
Health 75 (225 at rank 40)
Shield 80 (400 at rank 30)
Armor 65
Energy 175 (262 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed1.15
Polarities Vazarin_Pol
Exilus PolarityNone
Aura Polarity Naramon_Pol
Introduced Update 18.0


How To Get Ivara Warframe

Today I will tell you how to get Warframe Ivara prime.

Further, Ivara’s component blueprint is obtaining from rotation C spy missions. Which part you have a chance to get depends on the level of the mission. You can only get the parts from regular missions. You can not get them from stories or alerts.

Systems ( 9.09 percent )

Cambria ( Earth )

Unda ( Venus )

Suisei ( Mercury)

Arvel ( Mars )

Neuroptics and blueprint ( 7.52 ) Level 26+

Rosalind ( Uranus )

Laomedia ( Neptune )

Oceanum ( Pluto )

Kappa ( Sedna )

I hope after this you will get it.

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Drop Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Chassis Blueprint
5.64% 17 – 18 119 ± 40
Chassis Blueprint
7.37% 13 – 14 90 ± 30
Neuroptics Blueprint
7.52% 19 – 20 97 ± 29
Main Blueprint
19 – 20 97 ± 29
Systems Blueprint
9.09% 11 – 12 72 ± 24


Warframe Ivara Abilities

The Ivara first ability which is called Century and it’s essentially enemy radar enemies within 20 meters will be displayed on the minimap and this does stack with animal instinct enemy radar enemy sense and stealth drift.

ivara abilities ivara abilities



The first ability of Warframe Wiki Ivara is quiver and it’s actually for abilities in one. Even has a selection of special arrows that you can cycle through by hitting the ability button and you can shoot them individually by holding the button down.

The first one is called cloak arrow which upon impact will create a bubble that will cloak Ivana. And her allies within two and a half meters for 12 seconds. You can have a maximum of 3 stealth bubbles up at any given time and if you fire the fourth one it will simply replace the first one.

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Dash wire arrow

The second one Warframe Ivara is Dash wire arrow which upon the firing will deploy a zip line that can be up to 100 meters long. And this works like a regular zip line you can jump onto it by pressing the use button you can fire from it. You can walk on it and you can even create additional zip lines from it.


Noise Arrow

The third one is noise arrow where upon impact it will emit a high pitched sound. And it will alert enemies within 20 meters firing the arrow doesn’t cause the enemies to become alerted and run up to the arrow.


Slip Arrow

The final arrow you can fire from the quiver is called Slip arrow which will put enemies within six meters of its impact point into a deep sleep for 10 seconds.

Now the enemies will wake up if more than 50 percent of their current health is removed and this is unfortunately on the model.

Also, you cannot increase the health threshold by using power strength mode but you can increase the sleep duration by adding more power duration and you can increase the radius of the sleep effect by adding more power range.



If our second ability is navigator where you can take control of one of your projectiles and fly around. Now, this is the only clip that I’m going to show you from me using navigator because the footage I got.

I have a feeling someone will get a seizure from it because if you want to hit enemies you have to turn very quickly. Moreover, it’s just very unpleasant to watch. Warframe Ivara is one of the most powerful characters and strong Warframe.

Now you can either speed the projectile up by holding down the fire button. And slow it down by holding the aim downsides button and even throw the projectile by simply looking around.